Founder's Desk

Hi, my name is Pankaj Bansal and I’m the founder at College Mela, a platform that considers the needs of the students and works to help them grow and succeed. It is more like a unique chance for students to secure a career path. We work towards the development of tomorrow’s citizens. For this, we provide the community with the best counseling facilities, educational news, updates, and test series that can motivate and build them to nurture their dreams.


5 years ago, I decided to begin a platform for the student community. I thought it would be easy, but I was wrong. I struggled to think about how I could formulate something new and innovative. As I was a formal writer and a passionate believer in helping others, I decided to build a better way for upbringing the student community and solving their issues. I was determined to develop a solution that can bring about a change. I was someone who established a mark in the field of education. From that experience was born College Mela, a unique initiative to find the best college from all over India.


We want to revolutionize and re-imagine how a platform can be of help to the students. We believe that the best way to do that is by forming a team and helping the people around you.


We hope you’ll join us in making this dream of offering a transparent and communicative medium between the students and colleges while they apply to colleges. We look forward to accomplishing much along with you all as I live by a simple philosophy that “ nobody accomplishes much by themselves, it takes a team effort and help from the people around you.”


Thanks for listening!