Admission to additional branches of Engineering with lateral entry

Aug, 29, 2021

Btech Students can take admission to additional branches of Engineering 

Now Btech students can take admissions into different branches other than branches of engineering in addition to the mains program through lateral Entry. The All India Council of Technical Education (ACITE) has announced that technical university allows students to take lateral admission to BTech/BE by another disciplinary branch. This facility was not well aware by the students before. It does exist but due to low information, it is not that well introduced to the students. 

In past times of early 1950-60, the students used to complete their engineering with mechanicals BE and later on, it could do engineering in BE Electricals. But with now trend  BTECH is completely a different stream and to pursue into different streams student had to study all the repeated course that has already done in  BTech.  

The benefits of Lateral entry of student in different steam that it would allow itself to possess the two different degrees of engineering which could enhance the employment possibility and can help him to shift from one job to another easily. Due to this age of multi-disciplinary education and flexible entry with NEP National education Policy, 2020 will advantage the students with additional benefits to its career.