90 plus marks on boards are not sufficient to get admission to the college

Sep, 03, 2021

All the students have the same desire for obtaining the greatest marks in their academic studies. But only certain students achieve higher marks in their examinations due to several reasons. The educational systems give more importance to marks rather than other criteria. But nowadays the students who are obtaining even 90 plus marks in board exams are not sufficient to get admission at the college.


There are many reasons behind this recent phenomenon. The number of students who secure above 90 marks is increasing compared to previous years of exam results. Therefore, the competition for getting admission at colleges is also rising. Most of the students get good quality of learning facilities. As a result, numerous students obtain higher marks above 90 percent in their examinations.


The liberal nature in the evaluation of examination is also sometimes a reason for this. But it alone cannot create this particular condition. The seat availability of the courses available at the colleges is comparatively lesser to the seats of plus two. So this factor also causes 90 plus marks are not sufficient to get admission at colleges.


The recent Covid-19 pandemic also becomes another reason for this crisis. Earlier the students have so many opportunities for seeking admissions in various places. So they can apply and attend the entrance exams everywhere with ease. But now, all the students have no such facilities to attend all the entrance exams.


So securing the best marks is a good option to avoid such bitter situations. But don’t worry there are so many colleges in the world. But it is hard to study the college or courses as you wish if the students have low marks.